Custom Screen Printing

Water based and discharge prints are the standard at Uncommon Printing.

What is water based ink?

Water based ink is a really neat ink that actually soaks into the material of your garment, instead of sitting on top of the material like your traditional plastisol does. Since water based inks soak into the material of the substrate it produces an incredibly soft hand (you literally cannot feel the ink). Water based inks are typically printed on lighter garments which allow the colors to pop! Whether you are trying to pull off that vintage look or wanted a super breathable shirt water based is the way to go.

What is Discharge ink?

Discharge ink is still a water based ink we just add an active agent to remove the dyed natural fibers. Discharge agents remove all the dye in the natural fibers which allow us to re-dye the fibers with the color of your choice. The result is bright vivid water based colors on dark garments.

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